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    I will be posting pictures here of the progress that I am making on the truck. The picture that I have here is the truck sitting in the barn. The hood and front fenders are at the body shop getting straightened and primed. Now that the weather has started to get a little warmer up here in New Hampshire, I will start to tear down the rest of the truck. 
     The rest of the front end will be going to the body shop this month. I will pull the engine and crate it for the trip back to Denver so DC Racing Engines can rebuild it to handle the turbos. Then the doors will get pulled so I can get them to the body shop and get the door handles shaved and the door poppers installed. I will add more pictures as the work progresses.

      Here is a list of what is going into the truck:

      A 9" Ford rear end will replace the stock rear end of the truck, two turbos will be mounted in the rear quarter panels of the truck, rear facing cameras will be mounted to replace the mirrors with the video monitor mounted in the glovebox, door handles will be shaved and door poppers installed, the engine will be rebuilt by DC Racing Engines in Denver to handle the turbos, two dump cans like Nascar uses will be mounted horizontal in the rear of the truck for the fuel and a new fuel system will be installed to feed the engine. the wood floor of the truck will be redone, a new overhead electrical console will be built to handle the extra switches required for the turbos, new air compressor and tank will be installed to feed the air horns, the body of the truck will be straightened and painted black with copper flake, a vinyl wrap will cover the truck with pictures honoring our heroes, and new front seats will be installed.

     This page will be updated regularly.
Here are the most recent pics:

Engine with inner fenders, radiator and rest of front clip pulled.

Engine and tranny hanging on the hook.

Engine siitting on engine stand on pallet

Engine in the crate waiting for the truck
I was in Denver the first week of  June and talked to DC. The engine arrived in his shop courtesy of FEDEX shipping. DC already has the engine torn down and is preparing a list of goodies to rebuild the engine with. The front clip of the truck is at Paul's Auto Body here in Berlin, NH getting repaired and primed. The doors are off the truck and will be stripped down ready to go to the body shop shortly.
  Here are the pictures of the tanks that were built by Ray LeBrecque and his crew at
Alpine Machine Company in Berlin, NH

I want to thank Ray for his generosity in building these tanks and the excellent workmanship that his crew used.