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I have three things that no one would ever want.

 I have a Gold Star that I wear on my hat every day.

 I have a letter from the President of the United States.

 I have the flag that was draped over my son’s casket.



  On 27 May 2007, I joined the ranks of the Gold Star Fathers.


        The Gold Star Mother’s organization is one of the most honored organizations in this country. While I do not want to say or imply that they are not to be recognized for the work they do, I will say that they could go a little farther and include the fathers as well as the other family members who are touched by the tragedy of losing a loved one who was lost while serving this country. It is a group that no one wants to join.

         On the hood of the 58, there will be a field of blue with gold stars rising from the field as if flying to the heavens. On each one of the gold stars, I will put the name of a fallen hero from each one of the 50 states. The names that will appear on the hood will be placed there on a first come basis. If I receive more then one name per state, the additional names will be placed on a gold star elsewhere on the truck.

        When this project is completed, I will be traveling around the United States to visit with the Gold Star Fathers who have volunteered to have their fallen on one of the stars.

         I will not solicit anyone who has lost a loved one. I will not call or contact any of the names on the list of fathers who have had to say their final good-bys to their sons or daughters. This is strictly voluntary. I would like the Gold Star dads to contact me to volunteer to have the name of their hero on one of the stars. The names do not have to be from the present conflict overseas.                  

        Grief knows no time frame.  

         If you know of a Gold Star Dad who may be willing to participate, please tell him of this website. My contact information is listed on the contact page. 

         If you cannot open the form that I send to ensure the information about your fallen hero is correct, Steven  Blackwell Sr. has graciously put the form on his website at: http://goldstarfathers.com/projects.html

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